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Birdie Cannon Live Wallpaper We developed this one to be an interactable live wallpaper. It's fun - and funny...full of beautiful vector backgrounds, tons of settings, and hilarious birds. Tap the screen to shoot the cannonballs and watch the birdies explode in feathery-mayhem!

Nesoid, SNesoid, Gensoid, Gameboid, Gearoid, and PSXoid These are all Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advanced, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, and Playstaion emulators that we have done touchscreen controls for on the Android O/S. Below is a screen shot and all buttons. Emulator developer is Yong Zhang.

SPELL THAT! is an Android based video game we've been working on for parents to help with their child's spelling. Programmed by Kevin Doshier.

Sound Files:

Title Track    Winner Track

spell that android

Borderland Gang is a western shooting-gallery-style game. It's full of interesting characters and fun music with a great story line. Programmed by Kevin Doshier.

Sound Files:

Title Track    Winner Track    Map Soundtrack

borderland gang android

XGalaxy 2 was modeled after the classic game Galaga. We've added great sound effects and the perfect soundtrack to play along with. Programmed by Kevin Doshier.

Sound Files:

Level 1    Level 2    Level 3    Boss Soundtrack

xgalaxy2 android
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